1. Early Childhood Alliance ($27,600)

    Latest contribution of $27,600 to Early Childhood Alliance.

    Latest contribution of $27,600 to Early Childhood Alliance.

    For more than half a century, Early Childhood Alliance has been providing programs and services to meet the needs of families and children, first in Fort Wayne/Allen County, and now across northern Indiana. Today, Early Childhood Alliance is recognized as a leader in the early care and education field. We are proud of our heritage and are positioned to continue in our leadership role in northern Indiana. Early Childhood Alliance is committed to helping educate children to help them develop and become outstanding members of society.

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  2. ICAN ($27,000)


    Latest Contribution of $27,000 to ICAN

    We are a unique therapy center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We specialize in comprehensive diagnostic, therapy, and educational services for individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and caregivers, and the community they live and play in. We believe in and provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.

    At ICAN & Paytons Place, we also provide services to individuals who experience mental health, trauma, developmental issues, as well as physical and cognitive disabilities. Services are offered for individuals from birth through adulthood. We welcome the opportunity to provide education and support services for family members and caregivers. We believe in the fulfillment that our unique and holistic approach provides.

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  3. Just Neighbors ($27,050)

    Just Neighbors

    Latest Contribution of $26,650 to Just Neighbors
    Just Neighbors IHN’s mission is to serve homeless families by uniting faith community volunteers and local agencies in a cooperative effort to provide shelter, meals, and comprehensive, compassionate and ongoing support.

    Our vision is that families who are homeless in our community will have access to the services and support they need to become self-sufficient.

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  4. Redemption House ($27,650)
    About Redemption House

    Redemption House is a transition home for women who want to redeem their lives from past destructive behavior. How do they accomplish that? By developing a faith-based lifestyle, and by gaining the skills needed to live successfully on their own.

    Those skills can include such things as:

    Financial skills—managing money, become self-sufficient and economically stable.

    • Job training.
    • Dealing with addictions.
    • Developing accountability systems.
    • Family and parenting skills.
    • Job preparation—resume building, interviewing techniques.
    • Formal education.

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  5. Little River Wetlands Project ($26,850)

    Latest Contribution of $26,850 to Little River Wetlands Project

    Latest Contribution of $26,850 to Little River Wetlands Project

    The mission of the Little River Wetlands Project is to restore and protect wetlands in the historic watershed of the Little River, a major tributary of the Wabash River, and to provide educational opportunities that encourage good stewardship of wetlands and other natural ecosystems.

    Much of the wildlife that once thrived on the Great Marsh is now endangered or threatened. By providing needed habitat, our wetland preserves help these precious species survive. Wetlands also control flooding, cleanse groundwater, and offer opportunities for people in nearby communities to enjoy nature recreation. Our free nature education programs teach those of all ages about wetlands and related nature topics. Finally, LRWP is a good neighbor, supplying consultation to individuals who wish to preserve or restore their land and providing opportunities for scientific study to nearby universities.

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  6. HearCare Connection ($26,250)

    HearCare Connection

    Latest Contribution of $26,250 to HearCare Connection, Inc

    HearCare Connection, Inc. is a nonprofit hearing center in Northeast Indiana providing hearing healthcare to  low-income adults and under-served children in our community.  Our desire is that no person is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss.

    Our mission is to build the self-worth of individuals by restoring their hearing and providing them with opportunities to engage with their communities through service to others.

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  7. Francine’s Friends ($24,000)

    Latest contribution of $24,000 to Francine's Friends

    Latest contribution of $24,000 to Francine’s Friends
    To increase cancer screenings in Northeast Indiana by providing a highly accessible and visible community resource.

    To make early detection of breast cancer available to every woman in Fort Wayne and the surrounding counties.

    The purpose of Francine’s Friends is to provide mobile mammography screening and follow-up services to every woman who might otherwise not have access.

    • To make early detection of breast cancer available to every woman in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area regardless of her ability to pay.

    • To take mammography screening to areas where women have difficulty accessing healthcare.

    • To increase the number of screening mammograms by being a highly accessible and visible community resource.

    • To reduce breast cancer deaths through early detection.

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  8. Ft. Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center ($23,400)

    Ft. Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center

    Ft. Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center
    The Message: We recognize that sexual assault is complicated and confusing—and difficult to talk about. Sexual assault is one of the most under-reported (and not talked about) crimes that include rape, fondling, molestation and any other sexual contact that is unwanted and non-consensual. Sexual assault knows no boundaries. It does not discriminate based on gender, race, age, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. Sexual assault can occur between strangers or more commonly between people who know each other. Sexual assault occurs between acquaintances, friends, classmates, teammates, neighbors, lovers, spouses, and partners as well as between every family relationship possible. Regardless of who, what, when or why of an assault one thing is always true; the person who is sexually assaulted is NEVER to blame for the assault. If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted, remember, you are not alone. Break the silence. When YOU SPEAK …WE LISTEN. We listen and offer choices for healthcare needs, reporting options, and resources to begin a journey of healing. We are forensic nurses making a difference for victims of sexual assault in Northeast Indiana.

    Mission: “To be the most respected and trusted resource for superior medical forensic care, education and research in bringing justice to those impacted by sexual assault and abuse.”

    Services: Our Forensic Nurse Examiners provide medical forensic examinations to women, children and men who have been sexually assaulted. Our services are available 24/7/365 days a year at no cost to our patients. The Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center is the recognized and credentialed provider for patients who have been victims of sexual assault in Northeast Indiana, including: Allen, Adams, Blackford, DeKalb, Elkhart, Grant, Huntington, Jay, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Miami, Noble, Steuben, Wabash, Wells, and Whitley counties. Additionally, we provide consultation and training statewide, nationally and internationally.
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  9. The Carriage House ($23,300) [Video]

    the Carriage House

    the Carriage House

    Although nearly one-in-five families will be affected by serious mental illness this year, misunderstanding and stigma still abound. Eighty-five to ninety-five percent of adults with serious mental illness are chronically unemployed, and traditional treatment continues to focus on maintenance instead of recovery.
    Founded in 1997, the Carriage House is a certified “Clubhouse Model” program with the singular mission of assisting people in their recovery from mental illness and reintegration into the community. In a non-traditional setting, “members” work side-by-side with staff on meaningful activities, building the confidence and self esteem necessary to reclaim their lives. We are proud to have an international reputation for excellence in the Clubhouse Model.

    Through assistance with employment, education, housing, benefits, and other needs, the Carriage House ensures that members have real opportunities to return to their lives. Our outcomes have been significant. In a decade, the Carriage House has grown from a few dozen members to more than 1,100 with an active membership of over 200. We have assisted over 300 people in returning to work and over 160 in working towards educational goals.

    It is the mission of the Carriage House to assist these adults in their recovery. Recovery at the Carriage House means gaining or re-discovering the skills and self-esteem necessary to return to work or school, move into better places, stay out of the hospital, and reclaim one’s life.

    Learn more about how the Carriage House helps the community.
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  10. SCAN ($12,000)
    Mission: To eliminate the abuse and neglect of children through family services, education and community partnerships.



    • SCAN, Inc. has a strong belief in families.
    • We believe every family has value.
    • Parenting is the hardest job anyone can have.
    • Every parent wants to be a good parent.
    • Child abuse can be prevented by working to help parents with support, role modeling and teaching.
    • All children deserve to be safe, loved and nurtured.
    • The best place for children to be raised is normally with their parents.

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  11. Birchwood ($10,100)

    100+ Women Who Care Fort Wayne making a difference.

    Here’s the 100 Plus Women Who Care Ft. Wayne gang with the check for Birchwood. Together we raised over $10,000!

    About: Birchwood provides adult daycare for individuals with Alzheimer’s or other memory loss conditions.

    Mission: To provide a haven for those with dementia and a respite for their caregivers.

    Company Overview: Birchwood is a nonprofit, 501(C)(3) organization. We designed Birchwood to feel like a home away from home. Our adult daycare provides a full range of services in order to give you the time you need and your loved one the care they deserve.
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