1. Do I need to donate? If so, how much?
    Each member commits to donate $100 per quarter ($400 per year) for one year.
  2. How often are meetings held?
    Meetings are held four times per year.
    Meet and Mingle (optional) 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm
    Meeting 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  3. Who will the donations be given to?
    Quarterly donations will be given to a not-for-profit 501c3 organization headquartered in Allen County, Indiana.
  4. Are donations given to national charities or just local charities?
    National charities will only be considered if they have an active presence in our local Allen County, Indiana community. The purpose is for 100% of our contributions to stay in the local community.
  5. How can my organization be considered to receive donations?
    Any member wishing to promote a local 501(c)(3) will write her name and the name of the organization on a provided form and then put it into a basket for consideration.  Forms are drawn at random.
  6. How many organizations are considered at once? How does the voting process go?
    Three name/agency forms will be drawn from the basket. Each member promoting a favorite agency drawn has up to 6 minutes to present information on the needs of the organization. Four minutes are provided for other members to ask questions.  A vote by written ballot is taken and the agency receiving the most votes receives all of the funds for the quarter.
  7. If a member’s name is drawn and her charity is not chosen, will she still be eligible to put her name in the basket at subsequent meetings?
    Yes, if a member’s name is drawn and her charity is not chosen, she is eligible to put her name in the basket at subsequent meetings.
  8. Who are checks written to?
    Checks are written directly to the chosen organization.
  9. Are all payments by check?   Payments can also be made using Venmo. Check with a member of the steering committee for details.
  10. What if I can’t make it to the meeting?
    If you aren’t able to make a meeting, you are still committed to writing a $100 check to the selected charity. You may provide a proxy vote to someone who is attending.
  11. Can an organization win more than once?
    Once an agency receives funds, they are not eligible to be promoted again for two years.
  12. Who is membership open to?
    Membership in 100+ Women Who Care is open to ALL women.

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